Best Bitcoin & Crypto OTC Brokers and Exchangers


If you are dealing with substantial amount of crypto assets (more than one million dollar or equivalent) you shouldn’t use a simple bitcoin exchanger like Coinbase or Bistamp. You should use an Over the Counter bitcoin exchanger.

What are OTC brokers or exchangers?

Over-the-counter (OTC) or off-exchange trading is done directly between two parties, without the supervision of an exchange. It is contrasted with exchange trading, which occurs via exchanges.

If you need to sell 1000 bitcoins you should not sell this kind of amount with a regular exchangers: you should rely to a bitcoin OTC exchanger, otherwise you will lose a lot of money. In fact, by selling 1000 btc in a go in a retail exchanger you will able to collapse the current price of bitcoin high enough to lose tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands dollars! You should connect and trade with another wealthy trader: in that way you can sell your bitcoins without exposing your trade to the market.

Also, despite saving a lot of money, OTC bitcoin exchangers and brokers are more helpful concerning KYC (Know your customers), it’s much more easy to get a seven figures bank wire from them than a well know crypto company like Bistamp and so on.

We will provide you the best OTC bitcoin exchangers and brokers nowadays.

1) Cashgold is an e-currency exchanger that was founded in 2013. They was one of the first exchangers to accept bitcoin: in 2013 bitcoin was not already widespread as today, the biggest exchanger was MtGox followed by Bitcoinica! In January 2019 Cashgold is only focusing on HNWI wealth bitcoin traders. They trade with millions worth of crypto assets every day: they are very reliable and experienced. The CEO and Founder is an early bitcoin adopter. You can get much better prices by dealing with Cashgold than the other OTC brokers and of course regular retail exchangers! The domain was registered with Namecheap in June 2013 and they are protected by Cloudflare. Fees: very low, only 0.1% and they are based Offshore.

2) Cumberland Mining

Cumberland Mining is based in USA (Chicago): they are operated by DRW Holdings LLC, They are a global leader in cryptoassets. It was incorporated back in 1992 before moving into the world of cryptocurrencies in 2012. They also provide advisory to their clients concerning investments in the crypto field. The domain was registered with Namecheap in September 2015.

3) Circle Trade

Another US company, based in Massachusetts. Circle Trade is surely one of the leaders in the international marketplace of OTC Trading of Digital Assets. They also provide advisory like Cumberland mining. The company was founded in 2013 by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville and they claim that the company is backed by $250 million from investors. Domain is registered with Gandi SAS registrar.

4) ItBit

They are doing business with high-value individuals including big crypto companies. They are reliable: the website is very well done. They are based in United States. Compliance is not the best though, they can be annoying.  The domain is registered with Gandi SAS, exactly like Circle Trade.

5) B2C2

B2C2 is registered in England with registered number 10102984. Domain is registered with Namesilo and they are hosted by Amazon cloud servers. They are dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum & fiat. They are serving mostly European based customers. They cannot onboard new clients whose expected aggregated trading volume is less than 1.000.000$/month.

6) Kraken OTC Services

They are based in San Francisco (USA), they are one of the most well know retail exchangers and from 2018 they are also offering Over the Counter trading as well. The minimum trading size to use Kraken OTC Services is 100000$ only: it may seems a very high amount for retail traders, but they are peanuts for OTC market… in fact, many exchangers in this list are accepting clients that are trading only millions of dollars every single time. Domain is registered with Namecheap.

7) Octagon Strategy

They are based in Hong Kong: they are the only one OTC exchanger, despite Cashgold and B2C2, not based in USA in this list. So that could be appealing for someone. They claim they are the largest OTC exchanger in Asia. The minimum trading size is 100000$, comparable with Kraken OTC. Domain was registered with Godaddy in March 2016.



This is a complete list about the best OTC (Over the Counter) crypto brokers in the market right now.

If you want, add your comment suggesting other companies and website, or leave a review or your sincere opinion concerning these services.


UPDATES on 10 May 2020: removed because of several scam report online. B2C2 updated from 8 place to fifth place, instead of

Be cautious with kraken because we read several scam warning against them.



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