An extensive guide about how to cash out bitcoins and cryptocurrencies into banks.

I found this guide on Reddit and I think it’s worth to share. I have used this guide successfully and I am sharing it here because it can be useful for other crypto users! Admin


Bitcoin to FIAT

So, this guide is written for free and just for information.

I do not promote any kind of illegal behaviour.

This guide is written for anyone that wants to cash out, to withdraw, large amounts of bitcoins (or cryptocurrencies, like Monero, Ethereum) into a bank account.

I cant’ help Unites States of America readers, unfortunately all the exchangers (almost) do not accept USA citizens or residents.

How much is large: we are talking about 2 millions dollars or more (or equivalent in crypto).

The attitude of banks towards crypto is changing slowly, but it is still a though stance.

So, let’s say that you obtained millions of dollars worth of BTC, XMR (maybe illegally, selling drugs in the dark web, I don’t judge you but still I don’t want to know). What to do next?

What exchanger to use to cash out large amounts of crypto into banks?

Well, first of all never use a retail exchanger like Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex. Huge pain in the ass, over zealous compliance and so on.

I suggest you to use an OTC exchanger.

Why? They are already prepared to handle millions. They are liquid. They have no problems to process 20-30 millions daily to your bank account.

KYC and verification is still here but it’s not a pain the ass.

What OTC do I suggest?

I can surely suggest CASHGOLD.

Easy verification, one of the oldest BTC exchangers (founded in 2013), helpful staff, never been hacked in all these years.

Then I could suggest you something like Cumberlandmining and B2C2, but they are a step below in my opinion (at least for our aims).

You don’t have a bank account? No problems. CashGold can give you several suggestions about what bank you need to use.

They have connections with several banks in Europe (especially Switzerland) and Caribbean area. So just drop an email to their support ( [email protected] ) and they will help you in all your needs.

Their fee is 0.1%, aligned with the best of the industries.

I don’t suggest you to cash out entirely, I suggest you to cash out maximum 90%, keep your 10% in crypto, so you won’t regret if crypto will go higher in prices.